For your team to improve, SOMEONE in your business needs to coordinate a Wellness (physical and financial) Program.  This isn't because people need to be rich to do their job; it's because not having our Safety Needs (finances and health) met locks us out of achieving our potential.  (See Maslow's Hierarchy.)  And because most of us do such a poor job of managing our money and our health, most of us are stuck.  And that limits the potential of your business.  

Ar you the ONE?

Are YOU the ONE?

It is very likely that most of your workforce is stressed about their finances and their health.  Even though these personal issues significantly impact your business, they are something that you can't really touch.  You can't manage people's finances or dictate what they eat.  However, there is a way to address "health and wealth" issues without getting into people's personal lives.  And that is through the Aim for Maintain Program in partnership with your local "health and wealth" providers.

How?  First, SOMEONE (not you, a provider) needs to Drop the Shield and ask your team: "What are you trying to do?"  Thanks to Maslow, we recommend an even more pointed question: "Would you like to improve your HEALTH, your WEALTH or would you like to MAINTAIN your current daily routine?"  

Then, SOMEONE (not you, a provider) needs to Deliver the Support for the goal they just told you they have. 

But to make this happen, SOMEONE (THIS is you) needs to coordinate the program for your organization.  Someone needs to open the front door and help the program reach your team. 

Please consider attending the next Wellness Program Coordinator Course in your area and see the impact this program can have on your team and on your business. 

The Aim for Maintain Wellness Program Coordinator Course

The Wellness Program Coordinator Certification is a two hour course. I will teach attendees how to use the Aim for Maintain Program to help their organization address the personal issues that quietly, but significantly, impact worker productivity, safety and morale.  I'll also show them how this simple program drives employee engagement.  Courses will be given in February to prepare your business and your community for March's Drop the Shield Week.

Download the Course PowerPoint and the Flier for more information.

Please email me at to schedule a course for your community or organization. 

The Wellness Program Coordinator Course

Certification Flier (pdf)


Wellness Coordinator Course 2018 (pptx)