The Employee Support Program

Drop the Shield; Deliver the Support

Aim for Maintain is a joint marketing program for a network of realtors, insurance agents, loan officers, financial advisors and health providers.  (It can be exclusive, but it doesn't have to be.)  It is also a personal development program for employees.  Because of this, the Aim for Maintain Program enables that network to attend the team meetings of their local employers and talk about their services with the employees. 

My job is to onboard and manage this program for the network.  I work with employers and schedule meetings for the network to attend and present.  I charge $9 per employer meeting and recommend a network starts with onboarding 20 businesses.  Including the introduction and onboarding, this can be done for about $500...and that cost is split by the network.  

The basis of the Aim for Maintain Program is simple.  Help people focus on getting their daily routine "right" and aim to maintain it.  Of course, the daily routine doesn't change easily and people need help to make that happen.  They need you!