The Aim for Maintain Program

Drop the Shield; Deliver the Support

What are you trying to do?

The impact of that one simple question is quite unbelievable.  It makes us take a deep breath.  It makes us think.  It brings us to the present moment.  It orients us to the future and away from the past.  It drives positive thoughts and stokes the motivational fire that burns in each one of us.  And it makes us feel supported because someone cared enough to ask it.

However, very few of us get asked that question and we don't know how to answer it when we do get asked.  

Enter the Aim for Maintain Program!

For your workforce to overcome their ego, they need someone to ask them: "What are you trying to do?"  We recommend an even more pointed question: "Would you like to improve your HEALTH, your WEALTH or would you like to MAINTAIN your current daily routine?"  Then follow up by giving them an Aim for Maintain Card to help them remember their goal.  

Attend an Event

The Aim for Maintain Program is simple, but you probably don't have someone sitting around looking for a project to lead.  We will onboard this program for you through an onsite or community event.  And if you are open to letting your local Health and Wealth Providers get involved, it probably won't cost you anything.

  • The Motivated Manager Workshop: Tuesday, October 24th from 10 AM - 2 PM at the Rend Lake College Student Center in Ina,  IL.  This event is for today's or tomorrow's Managers.  Contact the school at 618-437-5321 x1714.  Tickets are only $20 and the agenda for the program is at the bottom.
  • The Mt. Vernon Health and Wealth Fair: November 7th from 11AM - 1 PM at the Rend Lake Marketplace.  There is no charge to attend and lunch will be provided.  This event is for individuals.  People just need to commit to spending 15 minutes on themselves.  Then get in, get out and get back to work!  

As a community leader, we are looking for you to get your communities workforce to these events. You know people have personal issues that are not being handled.  All you have to do is get people to the event.  We will take it from there!

If you would like to discuss helping your workforce become more productive, safer, healthier, wealthier and, in general, more engaged and happy, please email me at