The Employee Support Program

Drop the Shield; Deliver the Support

The Quick Program Summary

Aim for Maintain is a joint marketing program for a network of Realtors, insurance agents, loan officers, financial advisors and health providers.  (It can be exclusive, but doesn't have to be.)  On behalf of that network, I onboard the program and schedule times for them to present at the team meetings of local businesses to talk about their services.

The cost of the program is dependent on the scope of services I provide.  To determine that, I do the standard Discovery conversation followed by a Recommendation Proposal.

The basis of the Aim for Maintain Program is simple.  Employers and their employees need your help!  But they first need someone to Drop the Shield with this simple, engaging question: What are you trying to do?

To see how this program works and how it impacts employee performance, download my book.

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