The Employee Support Program

Drop the Shield; Deliver the Support

The Aim for Maintain Program is a joint marketing program for a network of Realtors, loan officers, health providers and other service providers to help the employees of businesses tweak their daily routine to one they want to MAINTAIN.   

The basis of the Aim for Maintain Program is simple.  People have goals.  To achieve those goals, people need support because the daily routine is BRUTAL when it comes to change.  However, support can't just be provided.  The ego (our Shield) needs to be dropped.   How do you make that happen?  Simple.  Just ask someone: "What are you trying to improve?"

It really is that simple.  Then, you just need to provide the support for the answer they gave you.  Check out my book below for a 20 minute read on the program and it's benefits.  However, these two steps are the summary of how to implement the program:

  1. Drop the Shield by asking people what they want to improve  
  2. Deliver the Support

A 20 Minute Read!