The People Project

Who's Your Buddy?!

Here's a 2 minute video on The People Project in Action

  • Use The Box to help people get a quick win
  • Use The Survey to identify the help needed
  • Listen to Debbie Miller, CEO of Senior Helpers in Franklin, TN, on why she does this with her team

When it comes to the workplace, what percent of problems are caused by personal issues?  In my experience, it's almost all of them.  Personal issues cause workplace tension and throttle motivation.  And, like Debbie says in the video, it causes issues for their clients.  We use The Box and The Survey to help your team tell us what type of help they would like to see.  And then we deliver it.  It's simple, powerful and free...except for a little time.

The People Project is supported by The Health and Wealth Alliance.  This is a group of us that work together to help your businesses and your employees.  The only thing you need to do is Let Us In!

Please take a look at the 20 minute read called The Motivated Manager.  It explains the program and how this really comes down to driving employee engagement.

A 20 Minute Read!