The Aim for Maintain Workshop

Workshop Agenda - 90 minutes; Life Changing

1) Sponsor Introductions

2) Dropping the Shield: The Aim for Maintain Box Set 

3) A Little Goes A Long Way: Employee Engagement and the Power of Feeling Supported

4) Maslow Had It Right: How Financial and Physical Comfort Set the Foundation for Success

5) Simple Workplace Programs: The Extra 8 Challenge and the Extra 8 Savings Challenge

6) Sponsor Wrap Up: How We Can Help

7) Next Step Identification

Upcoming Events

We will be in South Central Illinois during the week of May 22nd.  Talk to your local COUNTRY Financial Representative about attending.  

Box Sets and Goal Support

The Aim for Maintain Box Set ($5) and our Weekly Goal Support ($30/3 months) are the most simple and cost effective tools "created".  This is because we understand the true reason we resist change (survival, not laziness) and how to get around and beat that resistance (Drop the Shield and the Buddy System).

Email us at to start a conversation about how we can help.