72% of employees are financially stressed.  68% of adults are overweight.  These seem like personal issues, but they quietly and significantly impact businesses.  Look at Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs below.  It tells the story.  

The Aim For Maintain Program is the tool to address these issues without getting involved in these issues.

Implementing the Aim For Program is simple; just ask people the ONE question:  "Are you trying to improve your HEALTH, your WEALTH or do you just want to MAINTAIN your current daily routine?"  Then give them the card that matches their response.  Just doing this each Quarter will make a huge difference.  It also give you the opportunity (and the permission) to bring in the support they need.

Furthermore, this has made your team feel supported and not just a number.  This improves employee engagement, which improves every aspect of your business.  Not bad for no cost and 2 minutes of work!

To execute the program, I recommend this schedule:

• Hold Spring and Fall Drop the Shield Days using the Cards during the weeks of March 19th and September 24th

• Hold a Q2 and Q4 Deliver the Support Day and encourage employees to attend one of the 30-minute Health, Wealth or Maintain Presentations 

• Watch your workforce’s productivity, safety and morale improve! 

This is a very powerful and simple program!  Your organization just needs to have SOMEONE coordinate it! 

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