The People Project

Who's Your Buddy?!

Your Ego is Not Your Amigo

Stress is just a symptom of not being able to live in the moment.  The effects of stress are probably worse than we even know...and definitely worse than most of us acknowledge.  When we take a look at our bank account, we stress out.  Then we call our spouse and get into an argument.  Then we take that into work.  Not to mention, the  cortisol that got released and the inflammation that it caused in our entire body.  You get it.  You know it's a big deal, but something that we can just work through...until we can't anymore.

I'm Kim and I can tell you about being stressed out.  Panic attacks..not being able to drive...struggling to get out of the house.  I've been there and know it's a rough road.  And I, like many, many people, have to work through it every day to function.  That's why I have made it my mission to help people work through their stress and create a daily routine that helps them to stay "in the moment" and to stay focused on the positive things in their lives - and the goals they want to achieve in the future.

To achieve this, I use "the Box" to get people into the moment and to take a big step towards getting organized.  Then people have the space and time to think about what they are really trying to accomplish...and to make a plan to take small steps towards that goal.

Once I help people figure out what they are trying to achieve, I use my network of people to deliver the support.  Sometimes that's me with regards to health...sometimes it's not.  That's all fine because I really just want people to get moving in the right direction so they can start to live the life they are intended to live.