The People Project

Who's Your Buddy?!



Statistically speaking, 72% of the employees in your community are financially stressed and 68% are overweight.  "Maslow’s Hierarchy" speaking, that means that well over half of your community is stuck at the second of five levels. These statistics clearly point to the reason our businesses and our communities are throttled.    

An employer may say "This isn't my problem.  Just do your job!".  Unfortunately, that's not how it works.  Personal issues don't stay home from work.  They go everywhere with the employee and cause problems everywhere - even at work. This program proactively addresses the personal issues that people face.  And it is done quickly and without the direct involvement of the employer.


The Aim for Maintain Employee Support Program?

With this simple program, employers will drive personal development and make their team feel supported.  This, in turn, drives employee engagement.  And employee engagement drives every metric of a business.  For a great read on Employee Engagement, take a look at Gallup's State of the American Workplace.