The Employee Support Program

Drop the Shield; Deliver the Support


Your community has significant health and financial wellness issues.  This not only keeps your employees and employers from achieving their potential, it keeps your providers from achieving theirs as well.

The Aim for Maintain Program helps people in your community "drop their shield" and be OPEN to receiving support from your local Health and Wealth providers.  

To make this happen, I recommend starting with an email survey to local businesses to gauge their pain level with respect to health and wealth issues.  This will help them think about the situation and engage them in their own "personal development".  (I have found that most people do not understand the impact that mismanaged stress has on a workplace.  Therefore, I have also found that most people don't understand the opportunity that exists to improve their business.)  After the initial survey, you will have the justification and the interest to deliver the Aim for Maintain Wellness Program Coordinator Course.

Take a look through this website and I think you'll see how effective, inexpensive and fun this program will be for your community.