About Us

Joel Busboom

"Create a program to systematically help people achieve their potential."  That was my goal and the result is the Aim for Maintain Program.  

I created this program by combining that mission with my work, life and Army Officer experience.  Please take the time to "borrow" some information from this website, my book and from one of my events.  But here's the bottom line:  The stress on people from mismanaging their health and wealth limits the potential of their family, their employer and their community.  To make change happen, SOMEONE needs to engage them and get them help.  Is that YOU?

Kim Busboom

I personally struggled with anxiety and related panic attacks for a number of years and will be the first to tell you that when you lose focus on your own intention, anxiety and stress will find a place to call home.  The Aim for Maintain Program is great in helping people identify their intention and receive the support to make it happen.


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 My book, The Motivated Manager: A 20 Minute Read for the Backbone of America, will explain the Aim for Maintain Program in more detail and show you how to onboard the program at no cost to your organization.  (It's also in .pdf form on The Program page.)